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This is all of the latest news and commentary as far as we're concerned.

What is this website?

Brandon Kelley

Always Cheating was born in the summer of 2011 in New York City as a Fantasy Premier League mini-league. Some longtime soccer fans linked up with others who were more recent converts and they adopted the old anti-Arsenal song as their moniker.

The primary concern of Always Cheating is to express an enthusiasm for soccer that is inclusive, entertaining, and only marginally informative. We don't possess the depth of knowledge found on countless other sports blogs or podcasts, nor does the world really need another venue for professional pundits. What Always Cheating hopes to offer, instead, is a place where casual meets passionate, fully engaged meets just sort of curious, and everyday soccer fans can recognize themselves within its content.

Our blog is intended to be a running thread of commentary and site news. The podcast will be up and running for the first week of Premier League fixtures, then updating weekly—more to come on that. And the scout page is going to offer armchair ammunition for Fantasy Premier League managers (just as soon as we learn the extent of Daniel Sturridge's injury). Speaking of, please join our public Always Cheating mini-leagues by clicking through on the league page. (There are, sadly, no prizes for playing in our league, but fantasy management can often be its own reward.) Get in touch with feedback over at the contact page, where you can also find all of our social media identities.

Always Cheating's main contributor is Brandon Kelley. He is a Michigander living in Brooklyn and a Fulham and United States National Team supporter.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you stick around and enjoy the content, trusting that there is actual content on the way.