Poetry Corner: "Zlatan's 69 Touches in the Box"

 Touchin' inside your box! It's "poetry corner" time with Lucian.

Touchin' inside your box! It's "poetry corner" time with Lucian.

Our friend Lucian Mattison (also known as the official Always Cheating Poet Laureate) has submitted his first poem for your enjoyment. It will not only open your eyes to how Zlatan plays football, but you may also learn a thing or to about how the big Swede touches the ones he loves. Believe it or not, Lucian is actually a real-life poet and you can learn more about his work or buy his debut collection Peregrine Nation at his website.

Zlatan's 69 Touches in the Box
by Lucian Mattison

The first was quick, 

only the blink
of a phone
screen, finger tap
snapshot of Zlatan
from a bleacher
seat, indistinguishable
among the sea
of away shirts
Top-knot to top

notch, three goals
carved into his post. 
He knew everyone
needed to know
that he knew how
to make the skeptics say:
This guy, yeah, 
he fucks
like a 69

year old man,
his heart now beats
out of his shirt,
body broken down
after the first four
strokes, lazy lover
on his laurels already
ready for sleep.
Six matches nine-

ty minutes, so many
blanks shot
off the score sheet.
Head in his hand,
short of breath,
whose responsibility
is it to clean up
his mess?
Rash decisions

see yellow, suspension
of belief in what
we accept
as proven—a red rash
on Mourinho's
perineum. We all
collectively wonder
what's the other Rash for.
Big Z's goatee brushes

glass, breath hot against
the window. January
snow and blackbirds
temporary guests on the sill. 
Sixty and nine touches,
The Mirror starts to sing
the daintiest dish
set before the king.

If you want to hear more from our Poet Laureate, let us know. Or, heck, send us your own poems or tweet your FPL haikus. Whatever works. Hail Cheaters.