International Break Discussion: Wildcard Targets & Team Value

 Is Brendan Galloway on your wildcard radar? 

Is Brendan Galloway on your wildcard radar? 

Guest post by Hrishikesh Barad (@FPLantarctican)

The current international break marks the end of three gameweeks for the Premier League and the transfer season, too. In the Fantasy Premier League there could not have been a better climax to GW3, with attacking giants Aguero & Zlatan blanking after a gameweek where they racked up 13 points each, Sanchez and Hazard looking like must-haves for the rest of the season, and a possible ban of at least 3 matches for the 13.1 million priced Aguero.

Every fantasy football manager has been waiting for the FA to make a decision on Aguero before they decide to make the Wildcard move in FPL. With yesterday's confirmation of a violent conduct charge on Aguero by the FA,  many managers have chosen to play their wildcard and will look to start Gameweek 4 with all guns blazing with a newly re-established team consisting of at least two premium midfielders and Ibrahimovic in the front, and fill the remaining spots with the in-form players.

The Importance of Team Value

Before discussing useful differentials for your wildcard team and must-have picks for your FPL team going on to Gameweek 4, I'd like to share some knowledge on how to increase your Team Value (especially important this season with the inflated prices of players) and how you can avoid silly mistakes I made a couple of seasons back, eventually ending up with a lower team value during my wildcard. 

The foremost thing you need to know is that the buying price and the selling price of a player can be different. Let me explain with an example: suppose the current price of Redmond is 6.1 (which increased from 6 some time back). If you have him in your team, then the selling price of Redmond is still 6.0 and not 6.1. On the other hand, if you do not have him and want to transfer him in, then his buying price will 6.1

Then when does the selling price of a player increase? Remember this small phrase: "For every 0.2 price rise, there's a rise of SP by 0.1." Suppose you bought Ibrahimovic when his price was 11.5 but after racking up 24 points in three gameweeks his price rose to 11.7. Now 11.7 is the buying price of Ibrahimovic, although his selling price (as you may see on the transfers page) is 11.6. With an aim to increase the team value of their FPL team, many enthusiastic managers transfer in every player on the rise, just like I did a couple of seasons back. 

So the mistake I committed was transferring out a player like Hazard (whom I wanted back in my final WC team) in favour of a player like Sanchez, whose price appeared to be rising that night. What I didn't realize: the Hazard I sold for 11.1 had a selling price of 11.0 so when I will bring him back into my side, I will have to buy him for 11.1! So a straight -0.1 team value for me right there. I am sharing my own experience so that readers of can avoid my mistake and not experience the frustration of losing overall team value. All you have to remember is: do not transfer out players  you plan to keep in your wildcard team that have increased in price as since GW1.


Wildcard targets from Gameweek 4 Onward:

Easiest fixtures: Crystal Palace, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham, Arsenal & Everton.


  • Dann/Souare

  • Rose/Walker

  • Evans/Galloway

  • Collins

  • Williams/Baines

In my opinion, you must have at least three defenders from the above teams since they have the highest probability of clean sheets and bonus points too. Players like Dann, Rose and Williams have a history of attacking returns as well as bonus points. I have not included Holgate since Coleman is expected to come back into the side soon. 


  • Premium: Sanchez, Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne

  • Moderate: Nolito/Sterling, Ozil/Cazorla, Mirallas/Barkley, Lamela, Redmond

  • Cheap: Capoue, Fletcher, Clayton, Snodgrass


  • Premium: Ibrahimovic, Kane

  • Moderate: Lukaku, Benteke, Costa, Perez

  • Cheap: Defoe, Negredo, Iheanacho

As I mentioned earlier, two premium mids and one premium forward must be the pivots around which you base your wildcard team. I wouldn't suggest you jump on the recent or deadline day signings as of yet, but you can surely keep them on your watch list. 

I've activated my own wildcard and shall be sharing my own team's picks during the international break. You can give a follow to @FPLantarctican for regular updates. Please do not hesitate to drop any of your queries or RMT requests. Enjoy, it's just a game.