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Ep 49: Brocktoon Army


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Ep 49: Brocktoon Army

Brandon Kelley

Josh's wildcard is active as we hurtle toward GW6 and the imminent return of Sergio Agüero. Brandon, distinctly not on his wildcard, is left to parse the approximately one billion different ways he might be able to bring Brocktoon back into his squad. And, in light of everything we've learned from GW5 performances, the Always Cheating hosts analyze Zlatan's questionable form, Lukaku's momentum, and alternate frontline options. We also debate the optimum FPL team spine, if there even is one, to build a wildcard around and respond to your questions about De Bruyne, Deeney, and the continuing saga of Étienne Capoue. Hail Cheaters.

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