Ep 126: Tell It Like It Is (2017/18 Season Recap)

One of the most confounding FPL seasons in modern memory is now behind us. With the help of our listeners, Josh and Brandon discuss what important lessons were learned during the last 38 weeks, and how managers can apply those lessons next year. We're also debating the much-maligned bonus point system, evaluating the rules surrounding chips and wildcards, and suggesting other changes that might improve the FPL site or just make the game more fun.

Before we head off for a quick little break from podding, thanks to everyone for a tremendous season—we are truly indebted to to the generous spirit of the FPL community. We'll be back next month for some World Cup episodes, and then back again when the new FPL game launches in late July/early August. Until then, Hail Cheaters!

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