Ep 158: Double Trouble (GW24-GW25)

This weekend's FA Cup results were a mixed bag for Premier League sides, but they've also generated a massive opportunity for FPL managers: a newly-announced double gameweek in GW25. Manchester City and Everton will both play twice, but what's the best way to approach it? Can we pinpoint the less rotation-prone City players? Are Everton worthy of investment regardless of the double? Much of the episode's discussion and strategy feeds into the GW24 midweek fixtures, which will be quickly upon us.

Later, we're joined by the president and founder of the Yale Soccer Conference, Thairo Arruda, who explains the origins of this first-ever gathering of global football experts. If you'd like to attend the Yale Soccer Conference in New Haven on February 9-10, we're giving away some free passes. Just email the Always Cheating FPL Podcast for details. Visit the conference’s website to learn more about the event.

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