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Ep 51: The Burnley Constrictor


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Ep 51: The Burnley Constrictor

Brandon Kelley

The Battle of the Captains promised by GW7 ended up a complete bust with both Agüero and Ibrahimovic blanking. Instead, it's a high-flying Spurs team that gets this week's ticker tape. Brandon and special guest co-host Stephen Schaller break down the essentials of Tottenham's must-have players, from defense to attack. And, speaking of defense, this episode continues what feels like an unending exploration into the Great Clean Sheet Shortage of 2016 (including West Brom's avant grade insistence that game should be played for only 80 minutes). Plus we discuss key investment strategies heading into the international break, assess value for out-of-form luxury players like Zlatan, and respond to your listener questions. Hail Cheaters!

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