Sneak Peek: FPL Stats with Peter Blake

This week, heading into another international break, we're offering a sneak peek at our recent Patreon Supporters exclusive podcast featuring FPL stats analyst Peter Blake. The author of the Mathematically Safe blog joins us to discuss everything you wanted to know about FPL stats but were afraid to ask, including the data behind trending team formations, knowing how to interpret big chances, and the real justifications of a certain must-have Belgian striker.

To hear the full episode featuring Peter Blake, head over to our Patreon page for more information on how you can help support the Always Cheating podcast and keep us running strong. Our special knockout "survivor" league kicks off in GW8, so now is as good a time as any to become a patron. Of course the main Always Cheating feed will remain free every week, so we ask that you only contribute your hard-earned cash if the spirit of Poku moves you to do so. We really appreciate any support—from a Patreon pledge to a friendly tweet.

Always Cheating is back next week with a full GW8 preview and a recap of all of the international break fallout. Hail Cheaters!

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